June 2007

I vowed to keep my identity on the down low on this site, but since I showed you the dress I had to show you the dress on my person……

hot jitters


For those of you who realized I was actually gone, I am now back.  After spending almost 2 weeks at a dear friends wedding drunk off my ass in beautiful Naramata, BC, I am slowly returning to life as I knew it.   I was foggy today…I ended up sleeping in until 9:30 (yes, I do have a job – whoops) and on my way to work I got a call from a co-worker informing me she scheduled a meeting on my calendar when I was away and it was starting soon.  She just thought I’d like to know.  Ahhhhhhh really, since I was still on vacation high I decided I should not tell her what I thought she should know about scheduling meetings for folks the day they return.  Screw her, I was totally non-participatory in the meeting and kept laughing to myself about little funnies that crept back into my head about the previous 2 weeks spent with old and new friends.

The wedding was FABULOUS. The bride was beautiful and the groom stellar. I do plan on setting up a flickr site with all my photo’s and I will post when it is updated.  I must say that I definitely have a career in drunk dancing photography and to that I must add that my husband will now never be able to run for political office as he once desired unless he divorces me.

On to other news…..while chatting with the new bride on the phone this afternoon the neighbor to the north came out of her house and crossed the street to her car.  She has 2 kids from the previous looser man who was away in jail for a while and is now shacking up with someone we knew of through some of Mr. Jitters grad school friends.  Apparently the current man was supposed to be in our grad school friends wedding and never showed up.  Needless to say, he is a looser.  Apparently though, losers can knock people up since neighbor to the north was sporting a front bump and monstrous boobs.  As I was gossiping to the neighbors to the south about this, neighbors to the west crossed the street to say hello and she too is sporting a baby bump.  Screw – them – all – every – last – one – of- them.  Now, I should add that neither have conformed their pregnancies to me, but screw them anyway.

Since I am in the mood of hating people, I now have even more reasons to hate my arch enemy.  As I was waiting in the hall for our meeting room to open up, she came prancing down the hallway with her new baby in tow.  She had that same smug look on her ugly face and had to set down the baby carrier to pull up her size 0 designer jeans.  Believe me, it was quite a production.  An hour later, while waiting in line at subway, that skanky beatch got in line right behind me.  I do really she is stalking me.  She spent the entire wait in line complaining about how hard it is to be a new mother because her baby has gas and she really needs her sleep. If I would not have just returned for vacation I would have started a girl fight right then and there in that nasty hospital subway sandwich shop.

This was all I needed to get off my ass and start the fertility stuff again and send in our adoption application info.  I called the clinic and we are scheduled for IVF #3 at the end of July and the adoption stuff is set out neatly on the table for us to complete this weekend.  Screw them all, I am going to be a mother after all.


Oh, yeah, about the title of this post, I guess I got sidetracked.  Have you seen those things?????  I came home and ours was in the sink with an apple corer and empty bottle of gatorade.  I could not stop my incredibly childish laughter as I asked Mr. Jitters what he did today……