My first beta is tomorrow and even though my veins have not yet been pierced, I already know the outcome.  My clinic does not tell you the results until after the second beta, so I will have to wait until Monday for medical confirmation.

I don’t need it though, I already know the results.  C’mon on gals (and any random infertile men other than my husband who I am guessing occasionaly looks at my blog) this is something you just know.  The other times I have been pregnant, even though they ended in miscarriage, I knew I was pg prior to the positive pee stick.  I am not playing any “I know it’s negative and then I’ll be surprised” games with myself this time. 

Really, I am certain it is negative.

I will be grateful to end the PIO or better known as PIA shots because my poor bottom is so lumpy, bruised, and pricked that sleeping, sitting, standing all hurt.  Since I have not yet figured out levitation, I am pretty much gonna have to deal with the pain until I can end the shots.  They cannot end soon enough.

When they do end, what will we be doing to acquire a child has been the million dollar question at our house.  There has been debate, tears, yelling, arguing, pleading, and basically the plot for a Lifetime movie happening unfolding.  How will the overly dramatic made for TV movie end? 

Drum roll please……

We will be proceeding with infant adoption from Ethiopia. 

Our application will be ready to go in the mail as soon as the negative beta call comes in.  Ahhhh, it feels good to know that my next route to a child will be needle free.  Unless, of course, I need any shots for the travel part, but I can handle a tetnus booster because it is not delivered to my arse in sesame oil.

At about the same time we will be putting together our dossier for the Ethiopia, we will be making additional copies for Embryo Adoption.  For those of you not too familiar with the Embryo Adoption option, it is similar to domestic adoption and you go in a book (well kind of)  and wait to be selected or matched.  Since we have no idea about the time frame for this second option and a better idea about the first adoption we decided to proceed in that order, knowing we would end up doing both anyway.

More about the method behind our madness will unfold later this week, but for now, I am just tired of explaining it and ready to get going with the process.  I won’t yell at you though, if you decide to hit me with questions or “have you thought of’s”, but we are looking forward to traveling to pick up our child (hopefully) this spring or next summer – right around when this last IVF child would be born.

Hmm….just think, our baby could be in utero somewhere right now, or even in an orphanage.