I love rainy summer Saturdays. LOVE THEM.  I can wear my pj’s all day, don’t need to shower, drink coffee all day, read, bake, knit, listen to music, putz on the computer with no guilt that I should be outside because it will soon be winter.

Today I have already pulled out a few knitting projects, bought the relatively new Feist album (which rocks), made a rub for the chicken I am roasting for dinner and drank 4 cups of coffee.

Perhaps I should get to that book for book club next week.  I can’t seem to get into it and may have to fake it or read the first few pages of every chapter.

I think we will get to adoption application stuff instead….

So I was inspired by the darling Beagle to get knitting again. Knowing that our child will be adopted an anywhere between the ages of 3 months – 1 year, I am perplexed by what to make for them.  I have plenty of projects waiting to be finished – I seemed to think I would be pg and then have an incredibly urge to finish all of them because they would be for a baby, my baby.  Mostly, I just lost interest or gave them away.  I don’t think it is suitable to just pick up one of those projects when we are starting a new route.  I want to make something new, for my baby that I know is coming this spring/summer.

Perhaps I will start with a blanket – it is pretty age neutral.  Or, I have an absolutely adorable hooded cableknit sweater pattern that fits a child at 1 year of age.  Any thoughts?