Here is a note the Mr. e-mailed to our friends who are writing reference letters.  He is just so damn sweet.  Try not to puke as you read ahead.  (I changed our names in case you are wondering)….

K…, K…., and K…. (and the significant others that are helping in the process),

As you all know “Jitters” and I are a bit overwhelmed recently with baby issues, which results in us being a bit scattered in our thoughts and probably lacking in the appreciation department. So, I want to at least say thank you via email for your friendship, kindness, and help in moving us forward in the adoption process. Also, thank you so very much for agreeing to write reference letters on our behalf. The exciting news is that we got into the September round of adoption training, a two day training for potential adoptive parents which we have to take. The original date was not until the end of October, so moving to the September dates, decreases our wait time between the different phases of the process. We will of course keep you posted as we move through the adoption process, most likely not through email, but in person.

Love to all of you,

Mr. Jitters