As I was rummaging through the bathroom closet this morning frantically looking for my travel size shampoo, I pulled out a OV predictor test.  I pleasantly chuckled to myself and then chucked that bad boy in the trash.

No, it was not used.  Ahhh…. a fresh foil package.

No, I will never need it again.  Ever.  Seriously.  We are done trying to get pg that way.

Then, someone tell me why I dug through the snotty tissues, drain hair, and waxy q-tips to rescue it so it could again safely reside in the closet till I find it again and repeat this sick act.

Why do we not throw these things away?  We are done trying to birth children and I should have a ceremony to purge my house of needles, 1/2 filled vials of progesterone, unused tests, and, well, the occassional positive pregnancy test that dear Mr. Jitters got sick of looking at on the dining room buffet but realized would crush me if he threw it away so he stuck it in my sunglasses drawer.  It has been sitting there for 2 weeks and will most likely stay there till that piece of furniture goes bye-bye. Yup, seriously, just ask DD who so graciously touched it and confirmed that it was positive when she came up to visit from NE.  Come to think of it, did she wash her hands after touching my pee stained stick?  I guess she felt she owed me for tasting her as* flavored BC pill.

It has been a serious shame that I have been so incredibly sick that I have not been able to post about DD‘s visit and our lunch with Alexa.  Those two fabu-ladies beat me to the punch and told their sides of the story, but they left out a huge detail.

They were both there for me when I needed them most.  Yes, we all have our own IF problems to deal with, but both of them were willing to put their stuff aside and support me.  A year ago, before I was even part of this online family, I felt so alone.  I have friends, very loving and dear friends, but no one I knew was having the same heartache we were experiencing.  These two ladies, and many more of you, have helped me in a way no others could.  For that huge feat, I am grateful.

I am lucky enough that the wicked smart Alexa lives under 10 miles from me and she has been a huge support.  I can see her for random IF visits, but also for cocktails, med swaps, knitting events, and now book club! Plus, as DD posted, she is really WICKED SMART.  I have never met anyone who can whip out a reference, creative or factual, faster than I can even send a signal to my brain to start to think of something somewhat related.  Plus, she is just so kind.  Witty, kind, smart – a lethal combination perhaps?  Oh, no, it is the supertalented Alexa!  I need to make up some elaborate story about how we met, becasue when I tell people online they cock their head and judge me.  Sad, but true.  Story plots welcome….

An then there is the hottest girl outta Nebraska – the temperature in that state must have dropped 20 degrees when she crossed the state line.  Will was not buying drinks for me, but for her – I saw him oogling her at the bar.  She is absolutely Fabulous in every way possible and incredibly non-Nebraska like (that is a compliment….).  Don’t be putting any small town midwest stereotypes on this lady, cause she will blow them all away.    I am still in awe that she endured constipation and drove across states of corn fields to see me.  Granted, she did come to see a new baby also, but also ME.  I am so grateful that she actually came to visit me – it was DD who “invited” me into the blogging world at a time when I needed a ton of support and she then proved to be a very dear and selfless friend again by coming to see me in a time of complete dispair.  Not only is she the hottest gal outta NE, but she is the uber-Blogger, and for that matter, the uber-friend.

I am ending the era of IVF not with a baby, but with new friends.  It was not the new relationship I expected to take out of this whole ordeal, but at least I do not have change their diapers!