There are some wonderful things about being a woman.  Don’t expect to find much mention of those things here tonight.

It bothers me that in this day and age, I have to be more fearful than ever about things like running by myself after sunset.  With daylight rapidly fading, I am finding time for my workout schedule cinched to right after I get home from work and before I start making dinner.  I am hungry and tired then, but if I chose to eat and sleep I get crabby and fat.  Men do not have to think about this.

(luckily) Mr. Jitter’s knows me well enough to volunteer to run with me after dark.  Tonight was one of the first really cold days, so I dressed warm and looked like a child still dressed as bum from Halloween next to Mr. Jitter’s in his fancy windproof running clothes. After he stopped laughing at me, he found some items from his collection that I could wear.  YEAH, RIGHT.  He has 2.3% body fat.  I have 16% body fat.  Enough said.  Out of fear of freezing I obliged and wore a tight fitting shirt obviously not made for any woman with curves since it kept maneuvering itself up my midsection with the speed of a child riding the big slide at the state fair. Nothing like making a crabby girl feel better.  Don’t even get me started on the vent about the marathon finisher jerseys we paid for received that were only available in men’s sizes. – tight on the hips and wide in the belly.

Back to point one of my rant.  As we were lapping the lake, I heard myself say: “This is my least favorite part since it is below a bank and I hate being here after dark, but someone would be much less likely to attack us since there are two of us and you are a man.”

So, there is it, a pair of balls gets you built in security and mainstream clothes that you do not have to pay extra for to fit your biological shape.