Remember that pregnancy ambush I was worried about a few posts back.  It kinda never happened that night, but it is lurking around me waiting to pounce as soon as I am weak.

You are probably asking how it kinda never happened.  It either did or didn’t, kind of like you are or are not pregnant.  Ha, if only life were so simple.  If only…

It kinda never happened only because it was kinda never admitted.  Make sense?  Well, we arrived first and had our drinks ordered.  The couple in pregnancy limbo arrived last so it was incredibly noticeable when she held the menu up to her face and asked the server for something non-alcoholic.  Bah, like I am that stupid.  When the server presented her with options, she asked especially for the decaffeinated ones. Hmmm…. None fit the requirements of her hidden fetus so she settled on water. Tap water because apparently bubbly stuff gives her heartburn.

If drinking just water wasn’t enough of a sign, how about the touch of her leg by her DH while asking how she was holding up.  Mr. Jitter’s and I adore each other entirely, but he has never asked me how I am holding up unless I am doing something that is hard – physically or emotionally or when I was briefly pregnant.   Kinda funny, don’t cha think…

If that is not enough, add to the evidence the following conversation at house.  Me: “Would you like some coffee? It is decaf.”  Her: “What kind of decaf?”  Me: “Do you mean kind of coffee or how decaffeinated? If so, it is chem free decaf.” Her: “Oh, great, I need to avoid the decaf chemicals.”  Me: (in my head) yes, beatch, would that be for your little secret that you have to avoid chemicals…..

It has not yet been confirmed that she is in fact knocked up, but the evidence seems to mounting in favor of that assessment.  I can understand that it may be early and she may not want to share her news yet.  I respect that, but come on, don’t give me so many clues.  Mr. Jitters has the male version of preg-dar and he was even picking up the signs.  At dinner he whispered in my ear, “Well, babe, at least our kid will have playmates. You do know that our kid is in the world right now waiting for us, right?  We will be great parents.”  I didn’t need the reassurance, but it was nice to know this was not just me acting overly infertile.  On the good side, it was our night to talk about our adoption and it was not dwarfed by another stupid pregnancy announcement.


On a slightly different stupid pregnancy announcement note…….

I am currently in Madtown for work and I just got pregnancy ambushed by a recruit.  I informed her about our summer internship and she proudly announced that she is having a baby in late June so that would not be an option for her.

Are there no boundaries or limits?  Not everyone cares about your random announcement.

I ignored it and said, “well take the info anyway in-case you change your mind.”

I wanted to add…… 

……or in case life hits you head on and bites you in the ass and everything that came to you easily that you feel entitled to is suddenly taken away from you.  Just, saying, you know, I know a few “folks” who that has happened to.